Love Developed: a HoWM installation 2017

Earlier this semester we asked 6 students to take disposable cameras and take pictures of three different kinds of love: love for William and Mary, love for each other, and love for self. After taking their three pictures, we asked them to pass on the camera to a friend. These are their responses.

Loving William and Mary: “William and Mary brings people together. I am so thankful to have found so many great life-long friends here and under the Monroe Hall roof.”
Loving Others: “Wawa has become an essential part of my William and Mary experience. Every friday, my friend and I go to Wawa before classes to get breakfast/ Walking into Wawa and seeing the wonderful people that work there is always a great way to start my weekend.”
Loving Self: “I love being able to take piano lessons here. I’m taking lessons just for fun but it has become one of my favorite classes. Coming into these practice rooms and making music is such a great escape from my traditional academic classes.”
Loving William and Mary: “This is the building in the place I love where I was able to discover the discipline I love: the American Studies building, hidden gem of William and Mary.”
Loving Others: “One of the my favorite ways to spread love between friends is through the shared experience of listening to music together.”
Loving William and Mary: “3 fires and 2 wars later, this building built by slaves continues to dominate the landscape of the College. As a member of Spotswood society, I am honored to get to spend time in the building and discuss the history of the College.”
Loving Others: “Coming to W&M freshman year from Oregon, I didn’t know anybody. The track team became a family of sorts. They are inspiring, wonderful and joyful people.”