Night Owl

Okay, my question for you is are you a morning person or a night owl?

I am absolutely a night owl. Mornings are very hard for me, especially with 8am’s, it’s very hard to get out of bed.

Totally feel that, what is it about night time? Is it more just an aversion to mornings, or is there something about night that you love?

Personally, I’m more productive at night, too. I’m able to focus on my work more and, because I’m getting stuff done and feeling  good about what I’m doing, I end up just staying up more usually, and then unfortunately that means my mornings are a little harder – I’m more sluggish in the morning, more groggy, and it’s harder for my brain to wake up.

What time do you normally go to bed?

(laughs) That’s a funny question because it really depends on how much I’ve avoided my work or procrastinated, so if I’m doing a lot of catch up or I’m feeling good about what I’m doing, it can range from anywhere from 12 to 2 in the morning, and what things I have the next day. If I have an 8am, then I’m definitely gonna wanna go to sleep earlier. But if I have a 9 or 10am, that definitely means I’m not gonna feel bad about staying up as late because I can still get 8 hours.

I feel like college is both the best and worst place for night owls, because you totally have the stuff to do at night to stay up but obligations in the morning that make staying up very hard.

Yeah, mhm.

I’m also a night person and I feel like the quiet of not many people around, not much going on, my head just feels clearer, more calm.

No, I totally understand and completely agree with you. I feel more… centered.

Agreed, and I don’t know the thought of the world being asleep and me doing my thing is very appealing.

Yeah, I get that.

Would you say staying up late is a choice for you? Or is it really only to get work done?

Yeah, it’s definitely a choice. Yeah, freshman year I would stay up until 4am because I found it to be the best time when I could focus. This was before I was diagnosed with ADHD and with virtual classes, I found the very early mornings to be the best time for me to be productive and focus on my work. 

Wow, that is crazy to think about but makes so much sense. Especially when assignments and readings can just take so long, you know?


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