Guilty Pleasures

Our question for you is…What is a current guilty pleasure you have right now? If you want me to go more specific I can, but I don’t know if anything jumps out in your mind right now. 

I feel like my biggest guilty pleasure right now is Diet Coke. I drink way too much of it and I’m obsessed with it, but there’s obviously no benefits to it [laughs]. That’s like a pretty basic one, I guess. 

No, I love that. 

Are you drinking it at like specific times? 

Just like whenever I feel like it, yeah, I don’t know [laughs]. 

Did you drink it as a kid, like does it have that nostalgia factor?

Um, not really. My mom drank a lot of it or drinks a lot of it, but I wasn’t allowed to start drinking it until I was like sixteen or something because my parents just didn’t really like the whole caffeine thing, so yeah. 

Very fair, very fair. 

Did your family have a go-to meal, rather than Diet Coke? 

Not really, I mean we always had to have milk at meals, so now that I’m here I can have Diet Coke with my meals which is so much better than milk. 

The one thing I feel about college that’s both a blessing and a curse is having so much freedom to do whatever you want, like drinking as much Diet Coke as you want even to the point of ruin but also at the same time you get to drink as much Diet Coke as you want and not feel guilty about it. 

Yeah, no, exactly. 

How do you feel as a freshman coming in with more of that freedom? 

I like it a lot [laughs], I mean like obviously it can be, not dangerous, but you can forget to eat healthy stuff or take care of yourself, but I like the freedom a lot. 

I know for me I was so spoiled my mom would do my laundry, so like that’s one thing coming to college, I forget to do my laundry and I have to find a time to do it. 

No, that’s how I am, too. 

I had to learn how to do my laundry when I first got here, and my friends were like you are so spoiled for that. 

No yeah, I get it. 

Do you have a guilty pleasure meal, like what would your last meal be?

Oh gosh, that’s a tough one. Let me think…I’d probably wanna have In-N-Out, a classic In-N-Out burger and animal-style fries. 

So, are you from the West Coast? 

No, I’m not. I’m from Minnesota, so it’s like kinda weird, but everytime I go to California or Arizona, I could literally eat In-N-Out for every meal. That’s probably the one thing I’d eat for my last thing. 

I love that. 

Do you have family on the West Coast to go there pretty often? 

No, haha. But my mom really likes it there, so most of our vacations are over there. 

Have you been abroad? 

Never, never left the country. 

Do you want to go abroad ever?

Yes, so badly. I have four siblings, so it’s really hard to travel with everyone, so we just never left the country as kids. 

No, I get that. I have two brothers, so not five of us, but I know for my parents it was always such a production trying to get us all in one place.

For sure, yeah. 

Awesome, well thank you!

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