Freshman Year During a Pandemic

Okay, so, I wanted to ask you what your club experience has been like as a freshman, even  during Covid and whatnot. 

It’s been good laughs, it’s definitely been, it has enhanced my living experience as being a  freshman during a pandemic for sure that coming to campus, I definitely felt a sense of isolation and disconnection to William and Mary itself, and I think getting involved in the slightest things,  being able to meet other people through clubs has been a really, has been really impactful within  entering college not only as freshmen but in the pandemic, laughs. 

And do you find that people who are already in these clubs are helping you integrate into  school life or kinda doing their own thing as they’re adjusting to being back on campus. 

Uh no yeah, for sure, they definitely have helped because they’re really empathetic and they  understand that we are going through this, laughs, well this crazy time all together and they are  just really reassuring, their empathy, and their willingness to understand and be inclusive is  really great. 

Ok, and what clubs are you involved in on campus? 

I am a member of Phi Mu. 

No way me too!  

Laughs, I also am involved in Club Ballroom dance and I also do improv with Dad Jeans. 

That is very fun. And do you feel like getting involved in activities second semester has  been harder than first? 

I definitely think it’s different, I don’t know if it’s harder necessarily but I think it has its own  take and energy, okay, which they’re kind of like, I don’t feel they’re comparable but in a sense,  I think they’re; I think the second semester was a little harder, but I think it’s neither here nor  there. 

And what are you most looking forward to in the fall semester, in the fall, what are you  hoping to see changing? 

Ooo, that’s a great question laughs I’m hoping to see, I’m ready to see, like kind of bring the life  back into campus, and get the energy back up more or less and the sense of involvement, mostly  just the energy shift I feel that’ll come with less pandemic-y fall semester, cause I feel like there’s a large sense of community on campus as a whole but definitely has been taken down a  lot of notches because of the pandemic, and I can’t wait to see that get taken back up, cause I  already feel like it’s a very safe space energy wise and it’s a very welcoming community but the 

fact that that has been knocked down a couple pegs because of pandemic I’m really excited to  see that energy rise back up this fall. 

Yeah, a lot of people tell me, like older sorority sisters say that it’s always filled with people  and energy and I can’t imagine that right now. 

Me either. 


So, I’m really ready for the aura. 

Me too.

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