The Importance of Comedy

So, your question is: When is the last time you laughed until you cried?

Well, I don’t think I’ve laughed until I’ve cried in awhile, but I don’t know, I feel like my sense of humor is very like, weird and awkward so, I don’t know, I probably saw something on Instagram that was pretty funny, so that’s probably one of the last times I’ve laughed super hard.

Mhm. How would you describe your humor?

I think um, ironic, ‘cause a lot of things that I find funny really aren’t. Like if I saw a horse wearing, like, sneakers, I feel like that’d be kind of hilarious, you know, because you just don’t see that. Who’s putting sneakers on a horse, you know? It’s kind of crazy.

Right, right. In high school, did you feel like you were pretty, um, I don’t know, I don’t want to ask you “Were you funny in high school?” but like, did you do anything with like, comedy?

Um, not really, I don’t think I did anything with comedy. I think in high school I definitely was pretty funny; I think, you know, I’ve been funny a lot. So…But– yeah, you see, you laughed right there! So, you know, it’s proof right there, it’s proof.

Yeah, there you go!

But, I never really really did anything with it, tried to go professional, just like, talking with my friends just makes talking to people a lot more enjoyable, I would say. Just putting a smile on their face, that’s a good thing.

Yeah, that’s awesome. And what do you think is like, the importance of keeping a sense of humor right now?

I think right… I mean, right now is definitely very important, I would say. Especially with some of the stuff going on with the news, a lot of hearty-heavy topics are being spoken about, such as gun violence and things like that. So I think if you’re able to translate a bit of humor into the situation, it’ll make people a lot more comfortable to talk about them and just feel a little more happier about the things going on in the world. So, I think that’s the power of humor.

Yeah, that’s really awesome. Okay, um, I’m trying to think what else… um, yeah, have you done anything recently with um, I don’t know, have you gotten into acting at all? I know there’s some improv stuff…?

Oh no, not at all, not at all. No, I think the closest thing to that I would say is uh, some part of the William & Mary Symphonic Orchestra.

Oh, cool!

Yeah, so I was in it last semester, and I think that’s probably like, the closest thing to acting or performing.

Mhm, so what instrument do you play?

Oh, I play the viola.

Oh, that’s amazing! Okay, I play flute, but I’ve never gotten involved in orchestra.

Yeah, I mean a lot of people really don’t like the viola; there’s like a lot of…there are a lot of negative stereotypes of it. 


Yeah. I mean, if you’re in the orchestra “scene,” I guess you would know, but… yeah, viola really isn’t the coolest instrument out there.

Have you played viola for a long time?

Um, I started in middle school.


So, it’s really not as long as some other people. I definitely started late, but I definitely enjoyed it so I’m still doing it.

Do you feel like it’s kind of impacted your life in a significant way?

Um, I…I wouldn’t say it impacted my life in a significant way, it just, I think it added something to my life, just a different perspective on things. Because I mean, people really don’t think about the music they’re listening to. But I think once you play an instrument, you really get an appreciation for music and just like, just really what composers and just like artists have to go through. Because, I mean, you can try and write a piece of music, but like, if you haven’t had the right amount of training, like you probably won’t be able to do it. And even then, it’s still pretty hard to make something that flows and something that is actually enjoyable for other people to listen to.

Yeah, yeah, no I totally get that. That’s a good take on it… Okay, well do you have anything else to say to the world?

Uh, no, I think I had a lot of good messages in there, so…

Yeah, thanks so much! It was good!

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