Starting Something New During COVID-19

So, I would just want to know, is this your first year working this job? 

Yeah, this is my first semester actually too. 

Oh! Are you a freshman? 

I’m a sophomore. 

Oh, a sophomore. Okay I’m a freshman so this is my second semester too. Okay. So I was  wondering if you can tell me a bit about what it’s like being a new student especially during Covid. 

It’s been kind of interesting because, like, going through training, they’re telling you, “oh this is like what we normally do or this is what you like would normally do in a normal semester”, but  you don’t really need to know that, because we’re not doing that, but then it’s like, in two years, if  we are doing that, than I’m gonna have to like go back and learn all of that, but its been like  interesting seeing how they’re like adapting stuff to be safe for Covid. 

Ok, so you don’t see yourself using a lot of what you’d normally need to know. 

Yeah, cause I mean they didn’t like even teach us like absolutely everything because, like, I  work at the info desk and I’m also an event assistant, so they taught me like the basics but they  didn’t teach me how to exactly set up tables and chairs because there’s no events. 

Mhm. Gotcha. And I wanted to also ask, do you see yourself having to adapt to situations more  because of Covid and kind of think of what to do on your own or do you find yourself being  trained in what to do in certain situations as well? 

I think it’s definitely thinking more for yourself because there is reduced faculty and there’s not  as many workers so if I do have a question I don’t really have people to lean on, I kind of have to  figure it out for myself and work on my feet basically. 

Do you think it’s difficult having to do it all on your own or is it teaching you really good skills that  you can apply forward as well? 

I think it’s a little good and a little bad, like it’s good cause it’s teaching me to think on my feet  and stuff but then also if I don’t do it exactly how it’s supposed to be then, yeah there’s tradeoffs but overall I think it’s good.

Do you think there’s much of a , I guess like a standard for what’s supposed to be this kind of  year, like are there still standards you have to meet or is it more, I don’t want to say lax, but 

There definitely are standards that we have to meet, okay mhm, um its whether or not you can  meet them on your own or you need more help, okay, it is what I’ve kind of learned. 

And do you find it easy to ask for help especially during Covid, or do you think it’s sometimes  more difficult keeping communication with people? 

I actually think it’s been pretty easy because all of the um managers and stuff are super accessible, so I can just send them an email or a text and they respond, almost instantaneously so  it’s super easy to get help. 

I have a fun question, what’s the number one thing you are looking forward to once this is  all over. 


Oh my gosh I can’t wait to like, this is gonna sound so stupid, no, but when people come up and  ask me questions, not have a mask and a plexiglass and another mask, so I can like hear people better and read lips better. 

I can see all the Clorox boxes right there. 

Yeah all the sanitizer. 

And what has school been like for you academically? 

It- this semester I’m taking 18 credits this semester so I’m taking a lot but it’s been good just um  working a lot and it’s kinda been nice because there is no social stuff going on so I’m able to  focus a lot on academics. 

Okay, so it’s a good time to take the 18 credits for sure. 

Yeah yeah. 

Is there any like parting thing you want to say or like any advice you want to give to other  students, anything at all, just a chance to say whatever, or nothing it’s up to you. 

Um, I guess my only thing to say is keep thriving and surviving. 


Absolutely, absolutely. 

Thank you.

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