One Loving House.

I see you guys are eating the new Mediterranean bowls, how is it?

J: So I’m not on the meal plan, but last week’s tacos at the truck seemed cool. Didn’t we say we were going to come here and try the different menus?

A: Mhm. Last we were going to have tacos on Friday but then I got strep!

J: I’m out of food right now because I have to go grocery shopping, so the truck came at good time!

Are you guys upperclassmen, then?

Both: We’re juniors!

Ok, how’s that going?

J: I think it’s going well!

A: I feel kind of old though, I don’t know half of campus anymore though, like you knew people older than you and then new people keep coming.

J: Especially since living off campus, if I’m ever here for more than 5 hours, I feel like I’ve been here for too long, it’s weird! I don’t live in a dorm anymore.

A: Not living in a dorm also separates you, too.

Do you guys live together?

A: Well I live upstairs and Joanna lives downstairs.

J: Yeah, I live directly below Alexis. She likes her music and podcasts loud.

A: In the morning I like to be in the kitchen listening to the Daily or something.

J: We live with three other people too, so it’s a full house.

How did you guys all meet?

J: Well, Alexis and I met at a pre-orientation trip, Pathways. And then one of our other roommates, I knew from high school, she’s one of my best friends. We were really good friends in high school but we didn’t room together coming in because she didn’t know until the first day of August when she got off the waitlist. She nagged a single because they just gave her a single and got really lucky! The other two of our roommates was on [Alexis’s] hall freshman year, in Yates. The four of us roomed together last year. Our friend was on the Lacrosse team and four of her teammates moved out of the house, so we four, as a unit, just moved in together.

A: And I went to high school with her, so we’re all very interconnected! People at William & Mary know each other in all different ways.

How’s living together? Have you guys grown closer because of it?

J: Well we’re living together again next year!

A: We feel very adult, now, because we have to do laundry and dirty dishes, grocery shopping, the cooking, and swifering now. And bills!

And just one last question, what’s your favorite thing about each other?

J: I think my favorite thing about Alexis is that she’s just very genuinely herself. She’s one of the most genuine, and wholesome. I think that she, not that’s stubborn, but she doesn’t compromise her values and she will go into anything herself. You can always count on her to be herself.

A: It’s funny she says I don’t compromise my values, because I commended her about this yesterday, but she’s very into personal growth. And I think it’s a very commendable thing to look out for yourself, but also she’s a super compassionate friend. There are so many good things! [Joanna] is also a great listener – if I need to talk about something, Joanna is not going to interject herself into the conversation, she really wants me to express my feelings, and that’s a really good thing to have in a friend. Even for herself, she aligns her life with her values, and she’s taking this Flourishing class so you can really tell she’s flourishing, and we’re yoga buddies!

How cute!

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