Just Engaged!

So since you guys just got engaged, how did you meet?

Caroline: We met online!

Devin: On Match.

C: A long time ago. Six months ago. When we met, it was his first time meeting someone online, and it was me having a really bad day and not wanting to go, but then we ended up meeting. And I think we’ve spent every single day together ever since.

D: Since August 28th, we’ve spent every single day together.

C: He’s in the Navy and I work locally, so we’re making it work. He’s about to be deployed, so I’m excited to have the same last name. We just got him [the puppy] recently, and Jamie [the older dog], I’ve had forever.

What’s his name?

C: Jackson. Right now, he’s just a little bit of a toddler. He chews on everything, poops on everything. But Jamie is really obedient. So, we’re trying to get him to watch her.

How did the proposal happen?

C: So, I grew up in Williamsburg, and actually worked in Williamsburg for most of my life, so I come down here and tell him everything. My brother was in the Fife and Drum Corps and that kinda thing. To me, this is nostalgic, now that we live in Hampton. He proposed on the Palace Green, and that’s where I used to work, so it means a lot to me. And this is the place that he picked so it’s a good spot. And my parents approved. It’s been a big day. When we started talking about marriage, I said, “Please don’t propose on Valentine’s Day,” and he waited one whole day!

D: It was gonna be last night when you got home from work.

C: But now, we’ll have our own story. We’ve been talking about it, I think we’re gonna get married next month. We’re just ready. His last name is Sibby, so my name will be Mrs. Sibby and that’s hilarious. I’m ready to be Mrs. Sibby.

Do you guys know where you want to get married?

C: Probably in Hampton. He has family out of town and I have family here, so just trying to find somewhere really simple. I know what I want and it’s gonna be really easy and simple.

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