Our Favorite Things

Tell me about how this day makes you feel.

Kate: It’s been like the best day.

Jack: I actually skipped one of my classes to go sit outside. We just had our test so I felt like I could. We’ve just been sitting on the Terrace together, and between the two of us, we have just seen so many people.

K: We know a lot of people.

J: Everybody is out though. I feel like I haven’t seen this many people out in such a long time.

K: I was having a very anxiety-provoking week, for no reason in particular, but then today has been really nice. And definitely, the weather, the sun makes you feel better.

Describe the last time you felt really happy. Where were you, what were you doing?

K: Today? That doesn’t count though…

J: This is a really hard one. It’s not that there aren’t many days when I’m happy – wait, there was a double-negative in that sentence.

K:  I’m a generally happy person…

J: Yeah, but a day that sticks out is harder for me to think of. I wanna come back to this question.

When was the last time you did something just for yourself?

K: Well today! Like I didn’t do any of my work, because today, I would prefer to hang out with my friends.

How come?

K: Because it makes me happy. I think relationships are more important than most things. But I think that’s a personal value.

What do you think led you to believe that?

K: I don’t know I just feel that people are very important, and probably that’s my upbringing. I’ve never really cared so much about school, like I care a lot, but I feel like I care a lot less than most people here.

J: It’s not that you don’t care, you just have a good balance.

K: I’m more chill with it. And I don’t think getting a B means my failing.

J: I think for me, last Friday, I had taken a test and my week had been packed with all of this other work, so I was decided Friday afternoon would be my time. So I went and got lunch with one of my friends, and we sat in front of the Cheese Shop, and I never go to the Cheese Shop. And we were outside and it was sort of a nice day, and it was good to be outside. And I was walking back through campus to get home and take a nap, and I ran into a different friend, and I ended up talking to her out on the Terrace for an hour and a half. And then I continued to walk home, and she had stuff hanging up in Andrews, her artwork. So I went in alone and just looked at the artwork of the students. It was really cool, because I love seeing student work and I love art, and then I finally made it home, and chilled for the rest of the afternoon.

Are you an artist?

J: I like to paint and stuff. But I don’t take classes here, I only took one. I’m taking an art class next semester though.

Tell me about that art class.

J: I can’t actually sign up for it yet because it’s major restricted, but it’s painting. Because I took a painting class when I was in Argentina last semester, which was really cool. Everything in Argentina is taught differently. It was like we’d just show up for four hours and they’d just be like “Paint!” I would just have to paint for four hours, so I’m really interested to take one here sort of on the same topic, but a little more structured, where I can hone some of my skills.

What made you pick Argentina for study abroad?

I’m a Hispanic Studies major, so I chose Argentina because I’m more interested in Latin America than Spain. But the program was focused on human rights, and that is something I want to focus on post-graduate.

(To Kate) Do you speak any Spanish?

K: I mean I took four years of Spanish in high school, and I went to Costa Rica, but I don’t know if I still can hold a conversation. I was really good at it back then.

Have a conversation in Spanish.

J: Hola. ¿Cómo te va?

K: Doesn’t that mean where did you go?

J: No, like, how are you doing? How’s it going?

K: Muy bien. Estoy bien.

Do you wanna study abroad, Kate?

K: Yeah, but I don’t know what I wanna do. I lowkey declared Econ last week, so now I’m a double major. I don’t know if I’m gonna keep it. But I don’t know if I have time to go for a semester. But I also don’t know if I wanna do next summer. It’s just a lot of moving parts.

If you could go one place in the world, where would it be? Somewhere you’ve never been before.

K: My friend’s dad was telling me about this place in India, where there’s a huge temple.

The Taj Mahal?

K: No, exactly not. That’s kinda the point. Since it’s in very rural India, nobody knows where it is and nobody goes, and it doesn’t get a lot of attention, but it’s like this beautiful, historic, very important place. Maybe I would go there. I feel like there’s so much about the world that nobody appreciates. People wanna go to all the popular places, and when they travel, they want to see all the things that everybody else is seeing, but I think it says a lot when you see things that not everybody goes out of their way to see because maybe it’s more difficult to get there.

J: Recently, I have really wanted to go to Taiwan because I took this super random class last year called 20th-Century Chinese Literature. And it wasn’t only Chinese literature, it was the wider area. It was so cool, my professor was super inspiring, and a whole section of the class was Taiwanese literature. I feel like that literature stood out to me. It’s a part of the world, sorta like India, where I have never been and I don’t know many people who have been able to go.

What’s your favorite part about each other?

J: Well, we’ve only known each other for like a month.

K: Like a month and a half.

J: The first thing that stood out to me was – Kate does this all the time, like ever since I met her, she’s done this. We’ll run into somebody who you might know through Facebook or through random people, but she’ll go up to people and be like, “I sorta know you, I’m Kate by the way.” And then she has this intense conversation with the person, and it’s just like funny for me to see her do that with so many people. But it’s also really inspiring because she has these deep conversations with people and then they’re best friends, and that’s kinda how we became friends. And we’ve just been hanging out everyday since.

K: He’s been the most successful, out of everybody I’ve gone up to! I don’t know I love everything about you! I think just the way you can make other people feel is really big. From when I first met you, you made me feel more relaxed and I’m not generally a relaxed person. I really feel like you care. You also are a good motivation for me to care less about certain things. Because I get so hung up about things in my head, caring or worrying about things that I don’t need to worry about. But whenever I see Jack, I kinda just forget about those things. You just make me really happy every time I see you.

J: This is a happy moment!

K: Go back to the first question! This is the last time we felt really happy!

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