Bigs and Littles

What grade are you guys in?

T: I’m a freshman.

A: I’m a junior.


Are you guys both in Phi Mu?

T: Yeah, she’s my big!


How is Phi Mu going?

T: It’s good stuff, we have a sisterhood event tonight–it’s Galentine’s Day and there’s a waffle bar.

A: And we’re going to watch Parks and Recs. It’s going to be lit.


I’m in Kappa Delta so we were helping Phi Mu get established and I really love how much it’s taken off, and it seems like all the sisters are very happy with the way it’s going and I just love that.

A: I went through the extension process so I’ve been here since we started back on campus and thinking back to those first meetings and we didn’t know anything–our consultants handled almost everything for us. Now we’re running things and getting more comfortable in our roles and how things run. I’m really proud of us.


What have you guys done together as big and little?

T: Not much, because she does theater, so she’s really busy all the time. We’ve eaten food together, taken the obligatory big-little sorority squat picture–just, like, the essentials!

A: Hopefully this semester we can ramp it up a little.


Do you guys have any plans?

A: We don’t have plans…

T: We can make plans! That’s something we should do.

A: It’s good because Taylor lives in Newport News and I’m from Virginia Beach!

T:  We need to go to Cheesecake Factory because the nearest Cheesecake Factory to Newport News is in Virginia Beach. So I’ve never been to one, but I need to change that, so that needs to happen.

A: Yes, at some point!

T: Also that grilled cheese place-

A: Grilled Cheese Bistro! We do need to go there!

T: So now we have plans!


If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

T: I would say mind reading, just because I’m really nosy, or invisibility for the same reason.

A: Flight or teleportation; I feel like teleportation is the lazy way out because I don’t have to expend the energy to fly, I can just pop over somewhere. The ability to just transfer spaces in a very short amount of time would be ideal. You wouldn’t have to pay for airfare, you can just get there!


Have you guys gone on cool trips abroad?

T: Yeah, this is only my second semester here so I haven’t done study abroad here yet. It was the summer between my sophomore and junior years of high school, and I went to Ecuador–it was kind of a school trip thing with EF–my Spanish teacher was hosting it. Whenever I have to play those little introduction games like we did in Phi Mu that’s like ‘what’s something interesting about you?’ my go-to is that I ate guinea pig once, because that was something I did there, and I ate llama, and it was just a good time!


Did you like it?

T: Honestly, the llama was just pretty okay. The guinea pig was really good, but it was rotisserie and chopped up so it was still obviously a piece of a guinea pig and that made me kind of uncomfortable. Like, I also love guinea pigs as pets, so I probably wouldn’t eat one in this country.

A: The only time I’ve been out of the country was when I went to Austria after I graduated from high school, my aunt was planning on going to Austria anyways and was like ‘why don’t you tag along’ so I did! And it was amazing, it was such an eye-opening experience to know that there are people outside of here. There are people all the way across the ocean just living their lives, it was great. And Austria–Vienna–is just beautiful, it was a really fun time. I hope to go back one day.


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

A: I would go to Cape Town, South Africa, mainly because, in pictures, it seems like the most beautiful place in the world. Just standing on Table Mountain, being able to see the vast landscape, and being at the absolute bottom tip of the entire continent of Africa seems so cool to me. It’s also a very vibrant city, it has a lot of culture but it’s also very modern.

T: Either Italy, purely just for the food–like authentic Italian food just sounds really good–or Ireland because according to AncestryDNA, I’m 25% Irish so it would be a cool heritage trip. I also wouldn’t have to stress about learning the language because Irish is a dead language and they all speak English so it would be good!

A: I would also say Italy because I take Italian as well so I hope to use it.

T: I feel like I know enough Spanish to go to Italy–it’s pretty similar.


What is your guys’ favorite thing about William and Mary?

T: If I say ‘the people,’ that’s like everybody’s answer, but it’s true. I’m trying to think of a less corny way to word it–just, like, everybody’s beautiful and wonderful.

A: I would say, ‘the opportunity,’ there’s a space on this campus for all of us and all of our different interests. I think that’s really special and I don’t know if you would find that at really big universities. I think what William and Mary has going for it, is its sense of community and you make it your own, it’s definitely here.

T: My boyfriend goes to Virginia Tech, which is quite a bit bigger than William & Mary, and he says he doesn’t fit in as well as he wishes he could because he’s such a nerd. But here, there’s the whole Twamp culture thing, and I tell him all the time that if he just came here instead, he would have so many friends!

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