A semester in review

K: Kate, interviewee

J: Jamelah

M: Michelle


J: As a freshman, how does it feel ending your first semester?

K: It went a lot quicker than I thought it would. I just had my last class.

J: How was it?

K:It was great. I loved all my classes this semester. It feels weird ending so early because I just don’t know what to say to the professors after the classes are over. I’ll want to be like, “Oh hey, this class kind of changed my perspective on everything. And I’m really grateful for the opportunity to have taken it with you…” but really, I’ll just kind of be quiet and just leave.

M: Was there a class in particular that made you feel that way?

K: I took a really cool class for my COLL 150. I took Sympathy for the Devil, which is a religious studies class. I have no background in religious studies. I’ve never read the Bible, I don’t know anything, but it was a super interesting course and very different from anything I took in high school.

M: So can you tell me more about the class what kind of material you covered and why you say it was different from your other classes?

K: It was kind of like a Comparative Religions course, but mainly focused on devil figures, and it also went into pop culture representations of Satan, like have you ever seen the movie Horns with Daniel Radcliffe?

M: No, how is that?

K: It’s a good movie, but we read the book that it was based on as part of our pop culture study. I got to write an essay on horror movies, which I’m really into, and this anime that I like, so it was flexible and a super interesting course.

M: What anime was it?

K: It was Blue Exorcist. It’s a good show, really good show.

J: So you talked about your classes changing your perspectives, could you go into more detail about how and what happened?

K: It really is opening my mind to areas of studies that I haven’t really considered before. In high school, we don’t have as many good choices. When I tried to take Forensic Science my senior year, it ended up being a completely underfunded course that no one cared about. But here, when I take classes in specific subjects, it’s much different, and it’s just so much easier for me to learn about things I’m interested in.

J: Is that class your most favorite?

K: I’d say so, yeah. Well, I like all my classes, but that one was the most engaging to me because it was the farthest from anything I’ve studied before.
M: Are you taking anything similar to that next semester?

K: No, I’m not taking a religious studies class next semester, but I am trying to take more things I know nothing about because I had such a good experience. I decided to start taking computer science. I know that’s like completely on the other end of the spectrum.

J: Did you come into college knowing what you wanted to study or what you wanted to major in?

K: A little bit. I knew I wanted to major in English, and maybe film, maybe Japanese–I have a lot of areas of interest, and I’m not quite sure what I want to do with it yet, but I’m gearing towards English.

J: Do you think your first semester of classes helped you find direction?

K: I think so. For freshman year, I’m not really focusing on the requirements for my major as much as I am going around and trying a bunch of things I don’t know much about, and I’m hoping that’ll influence me.

J: That’s a good idea.

M: In general, how are you enjoying college at William and Mary?

K: I love it here, I think it’s great. I’m not from here, I’m from Orlando, so this is all very different. I’m not used to having to wear a jacket when I go outside, so that’s been interesting. I think my favorite part of college are the clubs, I joined six–it’s real bad, I have no time.

M: What’s your favorite club?

K: My favorite club is probably… that’s so hard… I love Pep Band, and SciFi club is like the best part of my week, and I was in Rocky Horror, too, and that was really fun.

M: So did you have a really memorable experience in one of those clubs?

K: I feel like every week is a memorable experience in Skiffy (SciFi/Fantasy Cub). I also go to Nerf Wars every weekend, which is a super good time. I did not think I would get so into it, but every time someone comes to visit me on campus, I bring them to Nerf so they can see what I do here.

J: You said you were from Orlando, how did you hear about William and Mary?

K: My friend’s parents got married here, and I know a couple people, like my friend’s cousin goes here, my mom’s really close friend went here, so I had a lot of sources who knew about the campus. They were like ‘Oh Kate, this is the school for you, you need to check it out.’ But I didn’t do a lot of research, until I got in–I came here for Day for Admitted Students, and as soon as I was here, I knew this was the right school for me.

M: Did you know anyone else from Orlando who also was coming here?

K: Nobody that I know personally, but I do know of a couple people from Florida who are here. There’s somebody else in my dorm who’s from a part of the state that I haven’t been to, so there’s that. It’s kind of cool going in not knowing anybody; well, it’s scary, too.

J: Well, it seems like you really like it here. Was it difficult at first coming into this place as a new environment especially since you’re from so far away?

K: It was a little bit hard at first, I had a bit of a tough time during Orientation. But I think there was a moment for me when everything kind of clicked and I was like, ‘Well, I’m here now, and it’s a great place, and I’m going to get used to it.’

J: What was that moment like? When did you get to realize that?

K: It was the first day I went without calling my parents, and I started feeling like I could have a life here. And it was cool, it was a cool feeling.

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