A member of The Hoard

Is this your first time at Grand Illumination?

Yes, this is the first time I’ve actually been. I live very close but I’ve never been before – always too much traffic. But I do work and live around here.

Is there a particular reason you chose to dress up like this for Grand Illumination?

I’m actually part of a reenactment group called The Hoard. We thought it would be fun to come out here and have a little “takeover or raid” type thing for Grand Illumination and have a little bit of fun with it. We like to let people take pictures of us too!

What sort of things do you reenact?

I personally do everything from Colonial all the way up to World War II. Everyone does it a little bit different though. [pointing to another reenactor] He actually does everything from pirate to mermaid…merman I should say. We all are a little bit different, but we’re just a group that like to have fun.

Because this is Grand Illumination, what sort of things illuminate your life around this time of year with the holidays?

I’d say my family and friends, we always get together and have a good ol’ time.

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