The Start of my Happiest Years

E = Eva

K = Kyle

What year are you?

I’m a freshman.

How is this year going for you so far?

E: It’s going so well. I love it here. Actually, I wasn’t sure if I was going to go here or another school, but then I picked here. I’m so glad I did. I feel like I made the right choice for me.

What drew you to William & Mary?

E: I’m an in-state student, so obviously I knew about it before. And also another reason is the summer before junior year I went on tours of a bunch of schools around here and William & Mary just stuck out to me because, um, first of all the tour guide was super friendly and the campus was beautiful. And I felt like the community atmosphere was really, apparent to see. It just really stuck out for me from all the other tours because the other people doing the tours for the other schools were not that passionate as the tour guides for William & Mary. And yeah, I’d say everyone is really friendly.

Did you have a moment where you were like, “I made the right decision.”?

E: I wouldn’t say there’s one specific moment. But I’d say especially after I got onto campus and I met all my hallmates and we just got really close, and I was like, “Wow, this is the right school for me.”

What’s your favorite William & Mary specific memory so far?

E: Kyle!

K: Oh, hey.

E: I’d say my favorite moment was [when] me and one of my friends, we always do late-night walks and always go to the Sunken Gardens. And you know the steps facing the Sunken Gardens where you can see the whole field? We always sit there and just have really long conversations late at night. And they are pretty deep, philosophical, and it was really interesting. There was this one time we were just sitting there talking and this drunk guy came and sat next to us and started talking about the meaning of life with us for a really long time. That was really interesting. So, yeah.

What do your conversations revolve around?

E: Just like, our past lives, and stuff. And he’s really into philosophy and literature, so we talk about that a lot. Just like things that have been going on in our classes. Things like that.

I can relate. I have my deepest conversations at night, too.

E: I feel like after a certain point at night I feel like I just revealing more, I don’t know why.

How did you two become friends?

K: On Tinder.

E: What? Shut up, Kyle!

K: I’m just kidding. We’re hallmates.

E: Yeah, we’re hallmates. He lives in the hall next to mine. Wait, how did we become friends?

K: I don’t know.

E: Oh, because he always come into our hall and he tries to be super sociable. He also always likes to pretend we are dating.


K: They think I’m funny.

E: You’re kinda funny.

*More conversation about Kyle wanting to be a politician and Eva liking psychology and personalities*

E: My parents actually didn’t support it for a very long time. I guess several years, but I guess they just saw that I kept continuing to like, you know, research it. I liked it a lot, so they were like, “Okay, I guess it’s fine that you do it.” And then I guess they supported it even more towards the end of my junior year.

What’s something that you researched that stuck with you?

E: Okay, do you know what micro-expressions are? They are, like, fleeting and they show someone’s true intentions. There’s this TV show called “Lie to Me,” and it’s all about micro-expressions. It’s really cool.

*Explanation of TV show*

Do you think you are better at observing people with a psych background?

E: I wouldn’t say I know how to read micro-expressions because it’s really hard, and it takes training and stuff. But, I’d say I’m more in tune with people’s emotions, I guess.

How would you describe yourself? Personality test aside, how would you describe yourself as a person, or how would your friends describe you?

E: Kyle, how would you describe me?

K: Like, as a person?

E: Yeah.

K: Um, odd? No, um, you’re funny. Nice. I don’t know how to describe you, I don’t know.

What drew you to her friendship?

K: I feel like the reason we are friends is probably because we are both kind of … okay, normally I am super nonchalant and a chill guy, but when I’m with Eva, like, I’m a little odder, I guess. One time we were walking back from breakfast and we were listening to the song, “Big Papa,” by …

E: You’re the one who knows this. It was something like … Big Sean?

K: Anyways, it was a really intense song we were listening to at 9:40am and I just feel like with other people I can not do that. Like I could only do that with Eva.

E: Yeah, we were bopping.

K: Yeah, we were bopping to it, too. Like it’s not like we were just listening to it.

E: I feel like a lot of people would say that when they are around me they get a lot weirder. Which, I don’t know why because I don’t think I’m that weird.

K: I think you’re just a fun person.

E: Thank you.

Maybe they’re more likely to be themselves around you.

E: Aw, that’s nice. Thank you.

K: That’s true. Because I tell you things I don’t tell other people, either.

E: I tell you some weird things.

K: Yeah, you do.

E: I’d say we tell each other a lot.

K: I think that is a big thing in our hall. I think that by living in such bad dorms, we really come together.

K: Oh, and you know what? We bonded that night you got locked out of your room.

E: When was that?

K: Remember, like the first week of —

E: Oh yeah! Okay, it was the first week and I got locked out of my room. It was the day right before classes started. Oh, wait, no it wasn’t. But classes had just started and I got locked out of my room because I was having a deep convo, but I didn’t have my key. And I knew he was up, as well. And I was like, “Can I sleep in your room?” And then he was so sweet, he let me take his bed and he slept on the floor. It was so nice. True friendship. And we barely knew each other.

K: Yeah, we didn’t know each other that well.

E: And his roommate was just so nice.

K: My roommate is abnormally nice.

E: I thought his roommate would kick me out or something.

K: Yeah he could’ve probably been like, “Um, what are you doing?” but he was just so helpful. He like threw his blanket —

E: Yeah, he gave me his blanket. It was really sweet.

Do you have any hobbies that you share with Kyle?

E: Well we get breakfast together every morning. And also, sometimes he can’t wake up in the morning.

K: Oh yeah, it’s a problem.

E: And he sets like 50 alarms. Like you set alarms an hour from …

K: Yeah, I set alarms …  I have to be up at 8:30 and I set my alarm at, like, 7.

E: And he still can’t wake up. There was this period of time where I would go to his room every single morning and wake him up and we would walk to class together. And I haven’t done that lately because I can’t wake up.

K: But I guess that’s something we have in common.

E: But yeah, we still walk to class together and get breakfast afterwards. And we always get, like, chai tea lattes. And yogurt. You always get vanilla yogurt with graham cracker crumbs and blueberries.

K: Ever since they put out those graham crackers, I’ve been living my best life.

E: I’ve always wanted to be interviewed for a Humans page.

Is there anything else you want to say about your WM years?

E: When I’m old and senile, I’d just like to look back and think that these are some of my happiest years. Because, you know everyone says that college is some of your best years and I guess I just never really thought about that quote until I got here. And I feel like even though it’s only been a couple of months, I feel like the happiest years of my life could actually happen here. I know that’s kind of sad, because it’s so early in my life, I guess. But, I don’t know …

Well it can be the start of your happiest years.

E: Yeah, exactly. It feels like … I don’t know. It’s really nice.


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