Ola: CW

The second time I came to William & Mary was the fall of my senior year of high school. I took a stroll down DoG Street with my best friend who went here. It was a beautiful day like this, all the leaves were golden and red and I just fell in love with the area. I knew a lot about the school already, I’d done an interview, visited, taken a tour, etc., but CW I fell in love with during that fall. Once I actually came to William & Mary, I spent a lot of my freshman year here. This is where I got so much closer with the people I met here. Not only would I go in to CW to read books in the afternoon and go on cider runs with friends, but I would also come here for with freshman hallmates for Blue Talon birthdays—those are classic—and go to the bookstore, eat Cheese Shop, and watch Grand Illumination. My a capella group also got super close in CW; we had a lot of gigs here, especially in the wintertime. We would stand in the freezing cold around the ice rink and sing carols together and bond in that time.
Any sort of guests I’ve had at William & Mary so far, I’ve brought to CW just because DoG Street is so nice. I’ve been to the farmers’ market so many times, and Aroma’s is my favorite place to get food now. It’s just such a charming place and I’ve really gotten close to people here.

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