Layla: Crim Dell

Last semester, I was having a bad week and my boyfriend at the time and I, we were not having a good week either, so it was a lot of school stress on top of relationship stress. But on the weekend, everything was clearing up and we went out to dinner and we came back to my dorm which is really nearby. And in line with W&M tradition, if two people love each other a lot, they walk over the Crim Dell together to signify that they are committed to the future. So we came back at midnight since we knew no one would be around and decided to walk over the Crim Dell together. And it was really nice, but for more than just that.

It’s great that W&M fosters this community with connectedness and the idea that the community spirit is so strong and we’re really in this together. There’s this bridge on campus signifying that we’re always going to be bonded together. Whether it’s a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, or a best friend, and even at the end of senior year when we walk the bridge together, it’s the sense of community here and that sense of care that is so unprecedented and doesn’t really exist at other colleges. I think it’s really special here.

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