Hannah: CW

When I was a freshman, there was a time when I thought I was going to drop out of William & Mary, because I didn’t think I fit in at all. In one sense, I was in the perfect place, but I felt like this place and “home” were highly incongruent. So I went on a walk, on a cider run. And I came to this stand, it was in the winter. They had a fire, and I came over because of the fireplace, since I like the smell of campfires. It was like November, there was only one worker here. I was trying to be calm and then I started talking to her about…how much people were obsessed with entertainment, and that was one of my frustrations with William & Mary and people here, that they spent so much time and money on entertainment and there didn’t seem to be any necessities in life anymore. And I felt like people at home struggle with necessities so much that they didn’t have any time for entertainment and it was hard for me to balance being in between those two worlds. But we had a really good talk about her life experience and my life experience and probably talked for like an hour, even though I should have been studying for a midterm. But it was nice and calming and the fireplace smelled really great.
I’ve tried to come back here. Every time I come through CW, I stop here and look for that same employee, but she’s never here. She told me that she rotates through different spots, but I guess she just never rotated back. But she was where she needed to be on that day.

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