Elizabeth D.: Hispanic House

The Casa made me feel welcome right away. From day one, everyone seemed to want to take in everyone else and go everywhere and do everything together. I thought it was awesome; it was the community that every freshman hall strives to be but doesn’t always achieve. One memory that made me realize why I love it here happened within the first week of last fall. One of the residents had a gathering in his room and a lot of people in the casa came, everyone was welcome, and a lot of the tutors showed up as well. I thought it was really cool because we had so many different languages going on, and everyone was dancing, and it literally made me feel like I was back in Europe. The Language Houses overall are a really great resource on campus, especially for people who might not have the opportunity to study abroad, and provide a really good snapshot of a lot of cultures. And the fact that all of the houses intertwine in a lot of ways makes for a great exchange of culture, and happiness!

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