Elizabeth A.: CW

This bench by the governor’s palace is a connection for me between a lot of things. First you’ve got past and present: the historical past and our present here. You’ve got my past as somebody who had just come from high school. I never really left home very much. I went to sleepaway summer camp once. Hated it. Didn’t go again. I had spent maybe ten nights away from my parents (not counting sleep-overs) but this was a completely new place, a new experience. Right at the beginning of freshman year, my mom and I were walking around CW. It was Parent’s Weekend or something. It was her first time visiting, and I had been very upset to not be with her. She and I were always a unit, and the unit was apart. We came here and talked and had several conversations over the course of that year, here at this bench. So, it’s a connection for me of home, and of school. Then there’s also the aspect of this being the best place to escape to outside of the college bubble for me. It’s home in the sense that this looks like my hometown, little Staunton, Virginia, sleepy town. Lots of people walking around. And then the College is right there. It’s not too close, just the right spot.

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