Ben: Crim Dell Meadow

A lot of things have happened here. A lot of linked memories, from awkward moments to conversations with friends. I’ve walked through here with professors before, trying to name all of the trees and one of my geology projects was to measure the height of these dawn redwoods. One of my favorite flowers is right over there, which is actually native to my part of China, and blossoms precisely at this time of year.
It’s a testament to how similar the climate here is to the climate in my hometown. It has a very sweet smell that I just expect every year now, and I think of it as a messenger of true fall.
Seasonal change is gradual; you’ve got to soak it in. To someone who’s more connected with nature, it’s a series of emotional periods where you can notice things happening and changing around you and then you naturally question your own ephemeral nature, like “how am I changing”? That’s the whole idea of seasons, and how that can be pretty intertwined with one’s personal cosmology. As is everything in my world, it’s complicated, and I enjoy complexity.

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