Anissa: Matoaka Trails

Freshman year I found this trail because I’d go for runs a lot. I actually found a lot of trails, but this is one of my favorites, and I remember spending a lot of time here. Second semester freshman year was a bit tough emotionally, so I spent a lot of time walking along this trail, thinking about things. It was a nice short walk where I could go out and then come back in. I spent a lot of time with friends on this trail too. We’d just go adventuring through here. And then I realized that a lot of the big thoughts I was having that year occurred here, and a lot of the questions I was trying to figure out. And I remember sophomore year, when that big snow storm happened right at the beginning of second semester, a group of my friends came here, and I don’t know why, we just naturally decided to walk back here and I felt that meant this place signaled something more. I don’t know that I’ve spent a significantly large amount of time here compared to somewhere else, but the quality of that time has been particularly good.

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