Alton: Grim Dell Steps

I walked this staircase a lot when I was freshman, sophomore, and junior. While I passing by here, I’ve had lots of conversations. Some deep ones, some not so deep ones, but all significant just the same. It’s called the “Grim” Dell, but it’s surprisingly beautiful, especially at night. There’s a lot of nature around here. You can hear the frogs croaking. The ducks are here; it’s one of their favorite spots. You can see turtles as well. At one point, we had the Pirates of the Grim Dell and they floated around. It’s a place where most people don’t seem to find beauty, but I’ve had a lot of great memories passing by here, and I certainly think that it’s one of the places that I’ll remember all my life, this staircase specifically. There’s always different ways to climb up the staircase. It’s just one of those places that I’ve grown to appreciate because I walk by so often.

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