Aili: Morton Hall

I have a lot of late night memories at Morton. It’s where I’ve spent some of the most formative nights with friends. Studying for finals, doing other work. It’s where I’ve had more than half of all my classes. When I think of my college experience, I think of Morton as a building where I’ve learned the most and had a lot of growth. Especially in terms of my major, since I’ve taken most of my major classes here. Morton has been an integral part to me gaining the knowledge to do what I love in the future.
I feel like there’s a collective understanding of Morton as a horrendous building on campus. Everybody talks about the treacherous walk up and down the stairs and the fact that it’s sinking into the ground. So for everyone taking classes there together, especially in the basement, there’s a collective feeling of solidarity.
It’s also a testament to how much I love William & Mary. If I can love one of the worst buildings on campus, then I definitely love the rest of this school.

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