When was the last time you did something that didn’t feel like an obligation?

Well this week is not a good example because I have midterms, so it’s been pretty busy. Last weekend ….

*Friend named Peter comes over*

I think this past weekend I got to spend some time with friends and I’m in a sorority and we had a date party and so that was really fun and it didn’t feel like an obligation. It was nice to get to do things that I didn’t have to do and it was a choice.

Is there something you try to do if you have free time?

Yeah, I like to go for walks around campus because it’s really pretty — especially when the weather is like this — and to just be outside as much as I can when I have free time.

Especially during midterms it’s hard to give yourself some time to sit back and relax.

That’s sort of what this is, too, is I got my homework done and now I’m hanging out until my last class.

Oh, wait. Do you have classes late on Friday?


No I thought that was like illegal here or something!

Yeah, it should be, but, alas, I have a class at 3:30 every Friday.

Good for you for sticking it out.

I was just texting him about how I wish I was at the beach.

So you said you like taking walks, um, do you just go by yourself or …

It depends. I mean, if people aren’t busy it’s nice to go with other people, but, you know, if I can’t find someone to go with me, I’ll just go by myself.

What’s important to you in your free time/in taking time for yourself?

For me it’s important because I just, sort of, lose my drive to do work when I’ve just been doing work constantly or doing things that I have to do all the time. It’s nice to do things that even if free time and giving yourself time becomes an obligation, it’s nice to do something that’s a choice or is a choice in that moment instead of something that you have to do all the time and gets kind of tiring and stressful. I feel like you have a choice.

No, that’s definitely awesome. What are you studying here?

I’m a European studies major.

Oh, cool. Have you gone abroad?

Yeah, I was abroad last summer and I’m going to go abroad again in the fall

Friend: Ask here how many times she’s been to Italy.


How many times have you been to been to Italy?

I’ve been to Italy seven times.

Is there a reason? 

I did a short term exchange program in high school and then I had gone with my family a few times before that, and then I just have a bunch of friends there so I like to visit them and then I’m an Italian studies minor as well.

Oh, that’s so cool. What got you interested in everything?

My whole town — I live in New York — is mostly of Italian descent, so that’s part of it. And then the really cool exchange that I did in high school really made me fall in love with the people and the country and it’s just like a second home now because I’ve been to that town so many times.

That’s awesome. Do you ever imagine yourself living over there?

I maybe would like to. I don’t know, the economy over there is kind of rough and they’re having a really hard time with the refugee crisis, but I think it would be cool to live there for a short time, maybe.

So what year are you?

I’m a sophomore.

Cool, I’m a freshman.


That’s insane that you traveled so much in a short period of time.

Yeah, I’m really lucky to have been able to do that.

Were you interested in this in high school and everything? 

Yeah, but we didn’t have Italian or any sort of classes on that sort of thing in my high school because I’m from a really small town. So I was really excited to come to school and take Italian here and really expand my horizons.

That’s really cool.

Yeah, and I’m a TA for Italian right now.

Oh cool! Good for you. I’m from Massachusetts. Talking about the Superbowl and Massachusetts.

What are you up to this weekend? More midterms or…

Yeah, I have to write a paper for a midterm on Monday, so lots of that stuff. Maybe some shenanigans with this kid. We’ll see.

What’s your favorite thing to do with friends besides, like, walking.

I like going to the beach. I don’t know. (At friend) What do we usually do when we do fun things? We just hang out?

Friend: We, like, harass each other. That’s a sign of true friendship: when I can show up and sit here and laze, and then I’m gonna leave. Like, you don’t even need to talk. That’s a sign that you’re friends.

Exactly! Their presence just brings you comfort.

Friend: Yeah.

Just, like, hanging out, honestly. Like listening to music, watching a movie or something. Just anything.

*Laughing and directed at friend* I’m sorry, I just can’t get over the fact that you look really nice and then you are wearing your Tevas.

Friend: That’s my summer look.


Friend: I just got ice cream.

How was it?

Friend: It was great. And I spilled ice cream. I got a cone and it was like, really bad because you know how it’s a constant battle? It’s really hot out, so it melted really quickly and it started dripping all over me and on my sandals. I didn’t spill any on my clothes, though, thank goodness.

That’s good.

Friend: Oh yeah, but I spilled some on my —

The Tevas?

Friend: Yeah.

Not the Tevas!

Was it caf ice cream?

Friend: No, I went to Kilwin’s.

Who’d you go with?

Friend: Lacey.


Friend: It was a new friend of mine, so the goal is to not look like an idiot, but I did, because I spilled it all over myself.

But also it shows that you are a real human and you’re relatable.

Friend: True.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your non-obligatory adventures?

I think doing random, spontaneous things is really fun sometimes, especially when you’ve had a busy week. Our friend has a convertible and one day last week we just decided to go for a ride because it was nice out. Or yesterday, I just decided to go get sandwiches out of the blue and we went to local and ended up hanging out there and talking to the guy for two hours. Just little stuff like that is really fun.

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