A Spectrum of Community

William and Mary, to me, is a community of excellence both in academics and outside the classroom. We really try to create a supportive environment that pushes us to be better in every single way – both as individuals and as a community. I think that makes the whole school special. From the most basic level of people being nice to each other, to the deeper connections which come from the “One Tribe, One Family” idea – you can form a very close-knit community with the people around you in clubs and teams, and even in the classroom. It’s a whole spectrum of community, in a sense, and it is almost consistently positive—really supportive and well-done. Of course, on some level it’s important to have strength in yourself, but it’s nice to know that you can rely on other people. You’re never going to be completely alone in any of the situations you face; even if you think what you’re doing is by yourself, you’re going to have an impact somewhere. So recognizing how the community changes and supports you but also how you have an impact on the community is very important.

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