The Reader

What brought you to sit in this tree?

I sit in this tree kind of often because I like to read here. I was reading “Pride and Prejudice” when you came. I haven’t read it before, but my sorority has a book club and they’re reading this right now so I thought, why not?

I usually read lots of different things, but recently, I’ve been reading books that teachers would assign in school that I just wasn’t assigned. For example, I’m also reading “Catcher in the Rye” right now since nobody ever made me. And I recently finished “1984.” But when I did that one, I listened to it instead of actually reading it, and I think I liked it better that way because there were some lagging parts that I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed and given up on if I was reading it normally. I liked the story itself, just not necessarily the writing. Sometimes the author gave too much explanation of the Winston’s thoughts that I just didn’t care about.

What do you find meaningful about working in the Campus Kitchen?

I like volunteering there because I can do it with my friends and I get to cook something and feel good about doing something that’s going to people who need it. It’s convenient because I can go whenever I have time to do it—honestly, I haven’t gotten to it at all this semester but last year I did it quite a few times.

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