Our Family

I don’t have a word that describes our family, I’d say we are all very close yet all very different. Sitting around the fire with our dog unifies us quite a bit honestly. We all have different interests… horseback riding, sailing, rock climbing, video games. My sister and I are big fans of singing.

We have moved around, everywhere from California to Pennsylvania. I always loved the spot I live currently the most. Not by choice, it has been kind of accidental. Like I loved living in Wisconsin so much and then we moved to Maryland. There was nothing bad about Wisconsin, it just moved out of focus. I was suddenly living in Maryland and there were so many cool things around me… I love William and Mary more than Maryland, so that has been good. I have met more amazing people here in a shorter amount of time than anywhere else I have ever been.

We both went to school in Virginia and knew of William & Mary. I love Colonial Williamsburg and I knew it would be a great match for him. As he has been here, I have found it to be a very nurturing and stimulating environment. The creativity in both the music and theater far exceeds other schools this size. It seems to let people celebrate individuality rather than force conformity. Some schools seem to try and get everyone to be alike, but here it seems to let you be yourself and bloom.

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