Sticking together

Did I tell you how my dad got a new teaching job while I was in high school? He had been unemployed for like, I don’t remember, a year or two maybe. And he got this job. And it was a few days before school started. He found out on a Thursday and then school started on Monday – it was such a whirlwind. We were just so excited for him that he got this job, though. But then after the excitement settled he realized that the new school had a rule that your kids have to go to school there if you teach there; they said it was a way of ‘showing support.’ They were going to let me out of the rule that year because classes had already started, but it would apply next year. They were still going to let me out of it, though, because it would have been my senior year and it would have been mean to make me change schools. But they weren’t going to let my younger brother, JonDavid out of it. And I just told you how I’m probably going to cry telling you this but… he would have had to go to this new school by himself. And that just made me so sad to think about because… I just miss him a lot. My siblings and I have all been so close. We always just followed each other all the way through school. And then I realized that he was going to have to leave and wouldn’t be able to share the rest of the experiences that we had. So when I realized he was leaving, I just went with him. Because I didn’t want him to go by himself. And I’m so glad that he went to this new school because I feel like he has such better friends there. And I think overall it’s better for him. I don’t know how much I had to do with it, but being with him that year was way more important than finishing my senior year at my old school.

So you left for your senior year?

Yeah. That’s like my one really good story. Like I wrote about it for college and everything.  That’s my one story.

How did you tell him about your decision?

I was never sure. I think that he knew that I was vaguely considering it because we both went to prospective student day. I just went for the heck of it because I was interested and I wanted to miss school and stuff. And I was like “oh yea they’re fun I like them!” I tried to not tell him because i didn’t want to ever get him excited and then not follow through.
I talked about it for a long time with my dad. Back and forth back and forth. I talked about it a lot with my older brother. A lot of people were really not supportive of it. My older brother was not supportive, my teachers were really not supportive. I think my dad really wanted me to go but was trying not to sway me. I remember I decided when I was on a bus.  I thought “I have time to think right now so I’m just going to sort it out right now and make a decision about it”. So then I decided I was going and I texted my dad and he was really excited. So I came home and asked my brother how he was feeling about changing schools. I would periodically do that because I knew he was scared and sad. So I asked him “how do you feel about changing schools?” and he said “fine, I guess” and I said, “would it feel better if I was there?” and he was like “yeah, but what do you mean?” and I said “I’m gonna come. I’ll be there.” And he just started freaking out.

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