Folk Music

Jack 07aTell me about the music you play.

We play traditional American folk music, old timey music, hill billy music.

It has a sense of openness. Classical music is very hierarchical and conformist in the sense that when you play classical music you have to conform a particular aesthetic, which is the western hegemonic aesthetic. It is very European. This music… frontier’s music, is very different. Each individual has his own style. And instead that being measured to the yardstick of the western classical aesthetic, it is understood for being good as its own thing.

How did you guys meet?

Aaron: We met in a class called the Appalachian Music Ensemble. Now when Miles and I have a chance, we like to come together and play music. During the week, I will be listening to music all week, trying different tunes. And on the weekends we will come together and I’ll say “Hey check out these tunes”

Miles: Basically he does all the hard stuff. Like the melodies. The rest of these songs have a pretty basic structure.

Aaron: Miles has spent most of his life studying jazz, blues, and stuff like that. So he adds a really interesting element when we play.

What does the future hold for you?

*chuckles* First thing is first. There needs to be a political revolution. We are going to take over and destroy the millionaire and billionaire class. We are going to nationalize and democratize the economy. And then everyone is going to sit on their porch and play folk music. That’s our future plan.

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