A Woman’s Right

Brenna 09b
If you could say anything to the Supreme Court justices about this case, what would you say?

What was it that Sandra Day O’Connor said when they wrote up the definition for [Planned Parenthood v. Casey]…God it was a good line too, and I don’t remember now, but that’s how I feel. We are standing in support of a woman’s right to pursue her life by giving her the option of abortion, so if I had a chance to say something to them, I would say pro-choice is pro-life because it’s pro the woman’s life. If you claim to be pro-life then you have to be pro-choice.

It’s a healthcare issue and it’s constitutionally an issue.

It’s healthcare, not politics.

It’s about your right to choose either option.

No one’s pro-abortion. No one goes out saying, “I’m pro-abortion.”

Why did you decide to come today?

Even though I am not a person who can have an abortion, it’s still super important to me that people have bodily autonomy, and like I said, it is a healthcare issue and restricting that is anti-human.

What do you think the outcome of the case will be? 

I want to believe that the Court is going to make the right decision, but you never know.

I think it’ll come down to Kennedy. He’s pulled through for us before, and he’s a smart man – smart men don’t make dumb decisions like supporting these laws.

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