Campus Golf Caddy

What was your favorite part of Campus Golf this year?

Campus Golf is definitely one of my – and hopefully the rest of campus’ – favorite days of the year! This was my first year as a KD, and it was so memorable, running around the Sunken Gardens, laughing, dancing, and helping one another out. It’s so great to see all of us come together for twelve hours on a Saturday to celebrate with the campus, and raise money for causes that we are so passionate about!

I think the best part of the day was when everyone was on the Sunken Gardens waiting for the first teams to arrive at 8am, everyone had just consumed massive amounts of coffee, the music was on full blast, and we were ready to start the day. As each of the first few teams came, everyone cheered and yelled. When Reveley came we made a tunnel for him to run through, and he was quickly followed by the entire sailing team! You meet so many new people during Campus Golf, and it was really great to walk the course and learn more about the members of our campus community, and it’s one of those days like orientation, convocation, and Yule Log that make you realize how special William and Mary really is!

What was your favorite team costume this year?

We saw so many costumes ranging from Disney Princesses, to superheroes and even a group dressed up like KDs! But I think one of the best was a group who coordinated tee-times, and each one came dressed as a different Harry Potter character. There was so much creativity – it was incredible!

How do you think this year’s Campus Golf event went compared to other years?

I don’t have a lot to compare the event to, since it was my first one from the inside, but from the amount of laughing, smiling, and instagramming I saw taking place on the course, I can only imagine everyone who came had a great time. It’s great to see wonderful things happen alongside such incredible people, and I’m already looking forward to next year!

Campus Golf supports Avalon: A Center for Women and Children and Prevent Child Abuse America. You can learn more about these organizations at and

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