Breaking Free

I don’t really want to spend my whole life writing about things that other people have written about. I love writing, but it’s getting repetitive. Everything that can be said about “Hamlet” has been said about “Hamlet.” I feel like there needs to be new material. You’d think someone would have written something better than “The Scarlet Letter” at this point. So I think there’s definitely a place. It would be nice to be one of the people where your stuff is taught. But I think you sort of need to break out and try that on your own. J.K. Rowling didn’t come up with the concept of Harry Potter in high school. She didn’t follow the established protocols of learning other great authors. She just sort of wrote it, on a napkin. So I think it would be really cool to write something that other people have to—not have to—but people will study and learn about in the future.

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