Past and Future

Brenna 03

Favorite part about William and Mary?

“I would say maybe just the history of the campus. Walking around and realizing so many great people went here. The historical element with Colonial Williamsburg not too far away. This idea that so much of what makes America what it is today happened right here.”

Are you a history major?

“I am not, public policy, so close enough.”

What drew you to public policy? What is your dream?

“I’m really interested overall in this intersection of Black people, marginalized communities and the environment, so understanding how Black people interact with nature, the environment and space as a concept of public policy. When you think about environmental racism, the most marginalized communities are the ones who accrue that most environmental costs. I want to mitigate that, and I can do that through policy and government intervention, so why not major in public policy where I could do that.”

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